Halloween In Japan

I wanted to kick things off on the blog with a different look at Halloween because we've seen everything North American has to offer. Different cultures provide different experiences and you can bet the Japanese know how to do things right. Everything from their Halloween Costumes to their Halloween candy is different, and I hope to one day experience my favorite holiday in that amazing country.

Halloween in Japan is a little bit different that in North America. The idea of trick or treating is not widely practiced, but they still love to get dressed up and party the night away. The Japanese are already big into Cosplay, and some of the costume ideas they come up with are just sheer brilliance. Even the candy is more fun and exciting as you'll see from some of my pictures below.

Here are a few examples of the Halloween candies you'd find in Japan, and their unlike anything I've ever seen. I wish I could even tell you folks what some of these candies are made out of…I can at least guess that one of them is chocolate of some sort.

Regardless of how different those candies look you can bet your bottom dollar they taste awesome! The costumes of course can get a bit wild and I found many examples stating my case. We tend to dress up in the usual costumes over and over again while the Japanese really know how to go over the top.

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