Halloween Costumes That Are Timeless

Are you one of those people who refuse to wear a a Halloween costume because you instantly think you will look stupid? For many people, Halloween is the time to either look amazing or to embarrass themselves. You can make a good decision or miss the mark entirely. Choosing to dress up as a ghost or a clown is one way to go. But donning a Halloween costume doesn’t have to mean wearing a long white dress and a bag on your head or painting your face white, attaching a red nose, and putting on huge shoes. Be being imaginative and aware of who’s who in the media today, you can create an eye-catching costume that you’ll feel confident wearing.

For example, people in uniform.

It’s a safe, predictable option, but it’s a foolproof way to look attractive. It’s not a surprise that any uniform makes a good Halloween costume because so many women go crazy for the masculine images that soldiers, firemen, etc. evoke. That works for women, too. Women can use the fact that men can’t help but look at school girls, cheerleaders, nurses, and so forth to their advantage.

Then there is pop culture.

Dressing up as celebrities or characters they’ve played makes a great Halloween costume. Just consider some of pop culture’s popular media icons or characters made famous by movies. There are a lot of wonderful ones to pick. For example, the International Man of Mystery from the Austin Powers movies will always be stylish. You could also imitate a character from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise such as Captain Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann. Ladies just love the Captain, so that would really spice things up. You have an infinite number of possibilities. How about dressing up as a cowboy, a gangster, the dashing masked Zorro, or even The Joker from Batman?

Another group to consider are sports idols.

This is an easy way to go because the materials you need are widely available. You can find appropriate items in any local sporting goods store. Secondly, selecting one is easy since you have many sports and well-known athletes to consider. From American baseball to European soccer, get into your favorite player’s jersey, then add accessories needed for the sport such as a cap and glove, and hope another guest at the party had the same idea and dressed as, say, tennis star Maria Sharapova.

You can also use a cultural or traditional costume for Halloween.

Like sports figures, traditional ensembles are good bets because people can readily recognize your costume. If not, they are either out of touch with reality or you messed up the clothing. To make it easy, start with a time period, such as the ’60s, and dress up like a hippie or in another way people did then. Or you could try a 1930s theme and impersonate the gangster Al Capone. Finally, go to a thrift shop, or maybe your attic, and find something more exciting, say a ’70s leisure suit or those rock star skin tight leather pants from the ’80s. GP

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