The Scariest Clowns EVER!

Me and Kramer from Seinfeld share in my fear of clowns and every Halloween you'll find a few good and down right terrifying costumes. I can't even begin to figure out where and why clowns got the bad rep for being a terrifying force in our world, perhaps I can lay blame to Stephen King. Clowns are supposed to be smiley, fun loving creatures from the circus. Sadly, all I can think about now are big teethed, knife wielding green haired clowns coming after me in the dark. 

I went around to see what kind of scary as hell clown costumes were out there and managed to find a lot of pictures I'm glad I won't see in real life. Some of these were just elaborate clown costumes with a mask, and others require some serious makeup work.

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One response to “The Scariest Clowns EVER!

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