Grand Heritage Joker Costume

grand heritage joker costume

I thought I would make sure I got the word out about what is easily the coolest costume of the year. Not only is it the coolest, it is one of the most popular and hard to keep stocked. This was out just in time for last year and it was near impossible to get your hands on it. The Grand Heritage Joker Costume is designed to be ultra high quality and long last, and will no doubt be a collector’s item in the future.

One of our customer’s had this to say;

Can’t Be beat!!!
I’ve been shopping around forever and i couldn’t find a good enough joker costume, all were cheap and fake looking. I wanted to go all out and be the best i could for my fraternity’s Halloween party. This costume is amazing!!! If you want to be better than those lame imitators i’d get this costume but hurry its almost out of time and this particular costume is hard to find…i’ve been looking for it since the end of august!!! This is NOT sales pitch, definitly worth it, i just had it delivered yesterday!!!

Its AMAZING!!! Sincerely, Ricky Weiss

As you can see the costume is quite elaborate. You get everything you see here except for the shoes, but that’s an easy fix. Most importantly this costume comes with a makeup kit to complete the ultra scary and life-like features Heath had in the movie. Here’s a video that shows you step-by-step on how to create the makeup to yourself, especially for us guys who have no makeup experience!

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