Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween has become a celebration that is enjoyed by many, including cats it seems, as more and more people are dressing up their favorite furry friends so they too can join in the festivities. However, before dashing out to pick out one of the many Halloween costumes available for Felix, remember that the most important thing to consider is your animal's comfort. If your cat is uncomfortable, it is unlikely he or she will be very accommodating to your wishes, especially as cats are not known to be accommodating at all.


Some nice ideas for Halloween costumes that also take into consideration your cat's comfort include:


1) Nail caps


For an affordable option, you could buy nail caps with yellow and orange highlights which will not only dress your cat up for the evening, but also save you from a scratch or two. Be wary though as they are not easy to apply.


2) Cat collar covers


Various cat collar covers will also add a nice touch, such as bow ties, and since they strap on with Velcro, kitty is going to have a tough time removing it. They are also relatively inexpensive and won't cause your cat a great deal of discomfort.



3) Bride or Angel Harnesses


These harnesses have either a white wedding skirt or a pink skirt with wings attached to them, so that your cat will feel the belle of the ball. The bridal harness also includes a white bow. However, as the skirt will most likely get ripped to shreds don't plan on using the same outfit next year.



4) Bandana


A simple bandana can do wonders to give your cat a little pizzazz for Halloween, and since it comes with a clip, it will be difficult for Felix to paw it off. They come with varied designs suitable for the holiday with spider webs or ghosts printed on them.



Of course there are many Halloween costumes available for cats ranging from a pair of simple bunny ears, which kitty may take exception to, to complete outfits such as full pumpkin regalia or even a punk rocker do. However, it's all a question of how long it will all last, so if you are feeling a little more creative then have the camera handy to snap a photo as soon as you are finished as it is doubtful that your work will remain intact for very long.


A little research on the internet will not only show you what is available for sale but also different ideas for Halloween costumes that have been created by people in their own homes. Some of them are really worth seeing, although the cat may not be too appreciative of all the new ideas that you will come up with to humiliate this proud creature.


However, if your cat is black then you need do nothing as instead of picking Halloween costumes for your cat, Felix will make the perfect accessory to any witch's costume, making him a lot happier that you're the one wearing all the clothes.

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