Creepy Halloween Costume Makeup

I was really inspired by the previous Avatar makeup some people managed to do, so what else is out there? Plenty! There are so many talented makeup artists in school, doing movies and theater who know how to put the scare back into Halloween. This is a skill that takes thousands of hours of practice as well, believe you me. I tried to do some of my own makeup last year for Halloween and it ended up looking terrible.

I really like the first kid with the amazing Hellboy costume….that must have taken forever to put together. If you’re looking for some cool Halloween costume ideas that would go great with a makeup job, then check out these costume ideas. All of these are safe for work and kid friendly, so invite the family to check out what’s going on.

A Haunted House to Die For via Publr

Halloween Costumes History & Facts via Squidoo

Adult Costumes For All Occassions via Tumblr

Suggestions For Making A Baby Costume Unique via Wetpaint

Making A Statement With A Flapper Costume via Shetoldme

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