Choosing a 70s Costume

The 70s have become a very popular decade as a party theme, as people love this decade that was characterized by extremes. Everything was over the top, from the clothing to the music, with mini or maxi skirts, glam rock or disco. It was the age of female empowerment, the era of disco and the time of the bell bottoms and platform shoes, for both men and women.

The wide variety of styles allow for a lot of creative license when picking out the perfect 70s costume. Whether going for the glitzy Abba styles, the classic A line dresses of the time or the hippie look, there is a style available for any budget and body shape.

The 70s Costume: The Hippie Look

While hippies saw their peak in the 60s they still held sway over much of the 70s as well. Therefore, you can safely pick out a 70s costume of loose fitting clothing, whether a tunic or tie-dyed t-shirt , with the compulsory flares. Remember to grab a pair of sandals or moccasins to get to your party because while there you can go barefoot as many of the hippies did.

The 70s Costume: Disco

The 70s saw the rise of the disco year with such popular movies as Saturday Night Fever being released at the time. In fact, John Travolta’s signature white suit has become an obligatory presence at most 70s themed parties. For more ideas on a disco inspired 70s costume, make sure you pick up a copy of the movie and you’ll have plenty of inspiration.

The 70s Costume: Glam Rock

Glam rock became popular around 1973 and peaked in 1975. Towards the end of the 70s it was taken over by punk rock. However, there’s nothing quite as inspiring as the outfits the rock stars wore at the time. Of course, you often need a lot of courage to wear exactly what they wore at the time. The lycra jumpsuits in bright colors featuring sequins galore and platforms that should come with a safety warning, glam rock was all about extremes. So, if you consider yourself to be the ultimate glam rock star, make sure your 70s costume is loud, bright and over the top.

One advantage to wearing a 70s costume is that it can be done on a relatively low budget because all you need to do is go shopping in a few second hand stores to pick up some really nice pieces. In fact, you could always call up your parents or other relatives to ask if you can check out their old stuff. Maybe you will be lucky and find that not everything has been given away.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a new 70s costume because retailers carry many different costumes that are exact replicas of the popular styles of the decade. From Saturday Night Fever to Abba, glam rock to disco, you will definitely be able to find a 70s costume that you will love.


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