The Popularity of the Superhero Costume

Halloween is probably one of the most popular holidays in the world, even though barely a few years ago it was relegated mostly to North America. However, now children and adults all over the world get dressed up and enjoy Halloween every year.

Halloween is no longer the holiday of simply goblins and ghouls, but a time when people can dress up as their favorite character, no matter what movie or story it hails from. One of the most popular preferences is the superhero costume and this is not surprising considering the popularity of comic books and superheroes, in general.

One has to wonder as to the popularity of the superhero costume, because, after all, it isn’t as if it comes with any superpowers. However, it does allow people to recreate their childhood dreams by dressing up as their favorite character, since children are not the only ones who will be sporting superhero costumes.

Dressing up for Halloween is a form of escapism that we all love to indulge in, no matter our age. It is a chance to be something or someone that we only dream about for the rest of the year, from a superhero to a racy pirate. The superhero is probably the ultimate embodiment of that which we can never be but still desperately dream of. The lure of being all-powerful, whether with special superpowers, or high tech gadgets, is absolutely irresistible and being the center of attention all the time doesn’t hurt either.

Essentially, donning a superhero costume is the ultimate form of escapism, allowing one to live in a fantasy, at least for an evening. Funnily enough, you can actually see people’s behavior and personality change as soon as they put on their superhero costume, even though it isn’t a conscious change. They seem to carry themselves with greater confidence as if they have truly become the character they are impersonating.

Some of the more popular superhero costumes we see time and again include the all-powerful Superman, Batman and Iron Man. The latter has been made even more popular in recent years by the Marvel franchise being brought to the silver screen in a highly successful adaptation of the comic books. With the second movie in the franchise set to be released this year, the popularity of the Iron Man superhero costume is also mounting at breakneck speed.

For the ladies, some popular options include Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Cat Woman. Most of the popular superhero movies to hit the big screen lately have starred mainly superheroes and very few superheroines have seen the light. However, there are quite a few lady villains that provide excellent inspiration for Halloween costumes, including the much anticipated Black Widow of the Iron Man storyline.

The superhero costume will always be popular due to the very thing it represents, namely the capacity to take matters into your own hands and change things.


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