Halloween Vampire Costumes – The Cravings are Unbearable!

Vampire Costume
Scary Vampire Makeup

Vampire costumes are a Halloween classic, an all time favorite. Vampire costumes will always be a tasty treat! For centuries the legends of vampires have been taunting us, and Halloween night enables us to make those legends turn into a reality. Growing up, I have noticed that vampire costumes have always been popular on Halloween and I have a feeling that they will continue to be very popular for a long time, due to all the new vampire television shows and movies.

Vampire Couples Costumes
Vampires at Night

Halloween is a night that brings out the crazies. People envision their perfect scare, in their perfect costume weeks before their big night. Vampire costumes are more than seductive with an eerie appeal. Vampires are well known to be flawless, with super speed, and cool to the touch. They are able to lure their prey into any room, any time, and any place with their harmonic voice. Making them, the world’s most dangerous predator.

The thirst that vampires have for human blood is unbearable. The smell of blood to them is like a kid in a candy store, simply irresistible, wanting every last drop. The scent and sight of human blood will send any vampire into a demonic rage, our blood is their fixation, and our blood scent makes them do crazy things.

Thirsty Vampire
Vampire Feeding

The selections for vampire costumes are huge and endless. Gothic and deceitful to sexy, fun, and flirty costumes, there’s a style for you. Make biting more pleasurable in a sexy vampire costume or put the fear in your victim while taunting them in a Gothic vampire costume.

Volturi Costume
Elegant Vampire Costume

Children of all ages take great pride in scaring. Children love to dress up in vampire costumes, and who can blame them; a costume with a cape and fangs. They will be entertained for hours as you will be too.

Vampire Makeup
Boys Scary Vampire Makeup

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