Flapper Halloween Costumes

Flapper and Gangster Costume
Gangster and Flapper Halloween Costume

Flapper Halloween costumes are bringing the 20’s back. Flapper costumes are sexy costumes that replicate the look straight out of that time. Flappers were gorgeous women who made a mark in history. They were idolized and worshiped by men and were sexier than ever with a care free attitude. In the 20’s, flappers were frowned upon by the older generation but the flappers didn’t care what anyone else thought. They wanted to be free and live a life full of dancing, drinking, and smoking. In the 1920’s a new era began, an era known as the roaring twenties.

20's Halloween Costume
Flapper Girl Halloween Costume
Flapper Halloween Costume
1920s Flapper Costume

1920’s Flapper Costumes are easy to pair with. Choose to go as a group of flappers or stand next to a stunning gangster. Gangsters were big in the twenties and still are to this day. Your man will love slipping on his pin striped gangster suit and his pimped out fedora hat tilted to the side. Flapper and gangster costumes were some of the best things that came out of the twenties.

Roaring Twenties Costumes
20’s Flapper and Gangster Couples Costumes
Halloween Flapper Costume
Flapper Costume

Flapper costumes are stylish and very sexy. With low cut tops, short skirts, sequined and fringe detail, you can’t go wrong with a flapper costume. Complete your costume with a stunning flapper wig, beads, feathered boas and a long cigarette holder.

Have fun Halloween night while being idolized by all the men. Shake your bon-bons in sexy flapper dress!

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