Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween costumes ideas for kids can be very over whelming sometimes. With the options of kids costumes being endless, the million possibilities, and thousands of kid favorites it can be quiet difficult to narrowing it down to one costume.

Adults want their little ones to be the cutest of the bunch, wanting their little munchkin to stand out from all the others. There are a few costume categories that are top sellers when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Every little boy goes through a ninja phase and sometimes they never grow out of it. Ninja costumes are the cutest and give your child those extra kung-fu fighting skills. He'll be breaking boards and handing out some fierce karate chops. With an amazing movie like the Karate Kid and childhood cartoons such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what little rambunctious boy wouldn't want to slip on a ninja costume.


Superhero costumes have always been a kid favorite. We all grow up reading comic books and watching all the famous superheroes and villains on television. Superhero costumes allow you to have some of the same adventures that you get to watch and read about. Batman and Robin are classics and are favored by boys and girls all over. Batgirl and Robin costumes are available for all the little girls that want to stand next to their most admired characters and help fight against crime.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! Superman costumes are a kid craze. Faster than a speeding bullet, Superman has extraordinary powers. When your child slips on their Superman costume, he will be soaring through the sky, feeling his cape rustling behind him. Team up with Supergirl for some butt stomping villain action.

Cowboy and sheriff costumes are always a top seller. Cowboys and Indians have always been a huge part of playtime growing up. There's nothing better than enjoying a nice rainy day inside and slipping on your sheriff cowboy costume, there's a new sheriff in town and this one's here to stay. Cowboy and sheriffs make for the perfect Halloween costume and a nice birthday present. Who can resist the little man in a pair of chaps and a cowboy hat twirling his pistol, trying to get it back into his gun holster. Watch out to all the renegades, this ole timer is a skilled shooter and won't hesitate to have a showdown.

Scary costumes are a Halloween treat and are adored by all ages. Scary costumes give children a thrill and put them on a mission to get as many scares in Halloween night. After all, Halloween is all about ghosts, witches, gremlins, zombies, and some good scares. A Punk Creep Gothic kids costume is bound to give some good chills and screams, especially to the little ones trick or treating Halloween night.

Let your kid get involved when picking out his or her Halloween costume this year. Get their ideas on a piece of paper and browse through some costume selections and help them narrow down some choices.

Remember, Halloween costumes are great for more than just Halloween! Whether you have a girl or boy, they have an amazing imagination and the help of a costume can keep them entertained even longer than normal. My four year old still loves slipping on his Halloween costume and flies through the house. Kids costumes are perfect for tea time, dress up, cops and robbers, and/or just looking for a fun time.

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