The Joker Costume

Joker Costume Drawing
Joker Drawing

The Joker costume seems to be a very popular costume since the debut of The Dark Knight movie. Joker costumes are fun and thrilling, allowing you to play out some of your most cynical acts against those who you would like to torment and taunt. The Joker is one of the most talked about super villains who is idolized by many. His character of an odd, psychotic jokester that was portrayed in the Dark Knight movie was phenomenal and left a lasting impression on so many people. Joker Halloween costumes replicate that devious man. With a Joker costume, you can look the part, now it’s up to you to play the part.

Joker Nurse Halloween Costume
Joker Nurse Costume

The Joker has many looks; he loves to switch it up as he’s continuously looking to surprise you. One of his most favored looks is of him in his purple suit, green vest, gray shirt, and funky colored tie. The newest Joker costume craze is him dressed in a nurse’s costume. No matter what costume you choose, the presence of the Joker will be with you Halloween night.

Joker Costume
Joker Halloween Costume

Joker Halloween costumes are great for couples costumes. Go with a group of superheroes and make their night chaotic as The Joker. Halloween is the greatest night for a good tease. Pair any Joker costume with a sexy Batgirl costume for an action packed night; go on an adventure where no other will dare to go. You’ll be the life of the party in a Joker costume, a definite hit!

Batman and Joker
Joker and Batman Halloween Costumes

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