Flapper Costume Accessories

Flapper costume accessories can make or break your sexy 1920s flapper ensemble. Flapper accessories add the finishing touches to any flapper costume. With an era as hot as the 20’s, you will want to do your best to make the 20s proud. When purchasing your flapper costume, it is very important that you purchase all the proper accessories. Flappers took great pride in their appearance, as well as making a mark in history.

Accessorizing your flapper costume can be fun and a little tricky especially if you don’t know what you need. Flapper Halloween costumes are super sexy and what better way to make them even more sexier than with the perfect pair of shoes. Once you have your flapper costume picked out, you want to ensure that you have the perfect set of heals. Shoes are one of the most important things, so lets not neglect your costume with inadequate shoes. Break those babies in while doing the Charleston.

Flapper Costume Shoes
Sexy Flapper Shoes

Short hair and bobbed styles were very popular for the flapper women. Their hair was very important to them and every hair had to be in place. Flappers spent hours on their hair and wouldn’t leave their homes until they reached perfection. Flapper wigs replicate some of the most stunning hair styles known to them. To be a flapper, you must look like a flapper, and in looking like a flapper you must have the hair style down. Flapper wigs are an easy hair fix.

Flapper Wig
Black Flapper Wig

So, pick out your favorite flapper costume, buy the shoes that will wow everyone, and style your hair to perfection. Just a few more things and you’ll be walking out of a bar from the 1920’s.

Every stunning flapper had awesome headpieces and headbands. They were typically made with cute little sassy bows and feathers. Flapper headbands were sexy and chic and a must have.

Black Flapper Headband
Black Flapper Headband

Feather boas were popular in a flappers wardrobe as well. What better way to take control of your man than with a feather boa. Simply wrap it around his neck and take charge. Feather boas are available in different colors to make your costume much more appealing.

Long satin opera gloves are accessorized among some of the women. Leg garters are also a sexy costume accessory that will get all the heads turning. Puff, puff, shimmy, shimmy; flappers were known for their elegance and known for smoking. Only the primmest smoked out of long cigarette holders. Flapper beads will be the finishing touches to your costume. You’ll be looking divine wearing some flapper beads.

Flapper Beads
Flapper Beads
Cigarette Holder
1920s Flapper Cigarette Holder

Go bar hoping and tear up the dance floor Halloween night as a stunning flapper. I don’t know how the twenties made it without you being in it.

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  1. 1920s costumes are still popular for Halloween, birthday parties and costume parties. They are stylish and fun to wear.

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