Play it Up in Mario and Luigi Costumes

Mario and Luigi costumes let game lovers everywhere take advantage of the thrill seeking duo’s game play action at home. Dressing as one of the two infamous Mario Brothers will have any boy or man ready to take on Koopas left and right! Everyone in the family can have a blast in the overhalls and oversized hats the Italian brother pair sport around the sewer land.

Kids Mario and Luigi Costumes

Kids in Mario and Luigi Costumes

Mario and Luigi costumes are a highly sought after look with all the popularity the brothers have sported for many years. New games make the duo even more thrilling. From the old school Nintendo to the Wii, almost everyone has had an adventurous Mario and Luigi experience. If you haven’t, you know someone who has!

Women can play a part of the Mario Brothers fun with the charming Princess Peach costume. Having the brothers fighting for her daily couldn’t possibly make her ego any bigger. Your little girls can play with their game zoned brothers when she shows up in her own Princess Peach costume. Best of both worlds, a princess and her brothers will want to play with her dressed that way! It’s a win-win situation. See, Mario and Luigi costumes can bring the family together.

Mario Brothers Costumes

Mario and Luigi with the Princess

Couples costume ideas are such a big hit when Halloween roles around along with group themes. Hello!!! Mario and Luigi! Everyone can find the character that suits their personality and take charge of the party in their Mario and Luigi costumes, Toadstool costume, Princess, or even a Koopa costume. Play time isn’t just for kids you know.

Group Mario and Luigi Costumes

Group of Mario and Luigi Costume Lovers

Kids Mario and Luigi Costumes

Brothers Playing in Mario and Luigi Costumes

2 responses to “Play it Up in Mario and Luigi Costumes

  1. love the pics!

  2. Would love to find out who has the Boo costume in the pic above. I have been trying to come up with an idea of how to make one and have nothing. PLEASE someone contact me about this if you know who has that costume

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