Roar Up the Twenties with Flapper Halloween Costumes

Sexy Flapper Costume

Sexy Red Flapper Costume

Flapper girl costumes bring the roaring 20s back with a burst of passion and flare. Sexy short dresses detailed with fringe and the perfect accessories make the women of the modern day look like they walked straight out of a 1920s bar. Sexy flapper costumes have the look of desire while showing your bad girl side.

The flappers were known to be flirty, dance provocatively, smoke, drink, and show off more skin than women of that era found suitable. No wonder they became such a great look for Halloween. Sexy, rebellious, and ready for anything, flapper girls were wanted and craved by all men. Their desirable look mocked with flapper costumes let that desire flow freely every Halloween. Red, blue, black, and white flapper girl dresses let every woman find the flapper costume they love and will suit their tastes.

Group of Flapper Girl Costumes

Flapper Girl Costumes

Short and sassy or got a few extra curves? Either way there is a perfect fit in flapper costumes for you. Plus size flapper girl costumes allow the women with more to love to fit in with the sexy crowd with all the detail and pizazz of the smaller sizes. Sequined design, fringed ends, and colorful choices all help flapper costumes to stand out this Halloween. Accessorize adequate with long cigarette holders, feathered boas, fishnet hose, and popular flapper beads. Stand out above all those boring costumes this year with sexy, seductive, and amazing flapper costumes.

Sexy Flapper Costume

Sexy Flapper Costume

Baby Flapper Costume

Cute Baby Flapper Costume

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