Choose a Gypsy Costume for Halloween

A gypsy costume allows you to be as creative and colorful as you choose to be. You will need a lot of bright colors along with lots and lots of jewelry. The gypsy costume can be worn by anyone and everyone – age is not a factor. You can find many of the items you need in your own closet. Another great place to find additional pieces for your costume is at your local thrift store.

If you are putting together a gypsy outfit for a female you will want to have many layers – each layer should have a variety of bright, vibrant colors. If you put on one skirt that is ankle length, you can add another skirt that is mid-length, followed by another at mini-length. Once you try this combination you will have a better feel for what it can offer. In years past gypsy women often wore bloomers. If you have an old pair these will really add to the outfit. You can also consider substituting the bloomers with leggings.

You will want to choose a blouse that has more ruffles than you have ever worn in your life. On top of this you can add a patterned or multi-colored vest. The least thing you need to consider is if the styles, patterns, and colors match – it is actually more colorful and more appealing if you wear odds and ends with no matching. To add even more color to your costume you can add a long scarf. If you have an extra scarf tie one around your head. You will also need to give some consideration to the shoes you choose although sandals or flats are great additions to the gypsy costume.

The final addition to your costume is to find the brightest, most brilliant red lipstick you can and apply it generously on your lips. Next, add some brilliant shades of blush. Once you have all of this in place you need to make the final impact by adding all kinds of jewelry. Use hoop earrings, numbers of necklaces, several bracelets in order to make this a stunning gypsy outfit.

You can also have an impressive male gypsy costume. First, think of a pirate and go from there as this is similar to the gypsy costume. First, select a pair of black pants. It is better if you do not use jeans. Next, find a white shirt with billowing. You can actually use a colored shirt if you prefer. You will want to find a belt, with a large buckle, and put this around the shirt. The shirt should not be tucked into the pants. If you have a pair of black or brown boots this will add the final touch to the male gypsy costume.

The male gypsy costume is not nearly as bright or glamorous as that of the female. Still, you have the option of adding a hat to the male costume. If the male is up for it you can also add some make up that will make the costume appear more lively.

The gypsy costume is great for a couple – with each of you wearing a gypsy outfit you will definitely turn heads!

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