Princess Jasmine Costumes – Take a Magic Carpet Ride

Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine Costume

In Princess Jasmine costumes everyone can enjoy a magic carpet ride!

Princess Jasmine has a beloved tale that every little girl adores. Being a girl of almost 16 and being forced by her father to choose a prince to marry, she decides to use her own mind and seek out her own adventure. Jasmine, daughter of the wealthy Sultan who has never left the palace, decides to run away from the snobby men she must choose to marry and seek a life of her own. Jasmine gets herself in trouble with a marketer and before she knows it Aladdin is there to rescue her. The story unfolds from there with many twists, turns, and adventure. Not to mention the pure and true love that blossoms between the two.

Girls Jasmine Costume

Girls Jasmine Costume

Jasmine costumes are great for women and children who love the tale of genies, magic, and romance. Jasmines costume consists of a wonderful two piece of blue or purple along with her headpiece showing her royal status. Whether trick or treating this year or just playing dress up and expanding imaginations, Jasmine costumes are attractive and unique.

Women love dressing as the famous Princess and maybe adding a sexy spin to it. Shouldn’t be too hard with an attractive two piece suit with mesh fabric flowing freely. Magic can happen ladies! Everyone can have a bit more fun when Aladdins lady comes out to play. All the magic isn’t in the lamp you know!

Funny Disney Princess Costumes

Adult Disney Princess Costumes

Jasmine is just one of the famous Disney Princess costumes available to girls and women. All the other princess can be combined with Jasmine for a fun filled night with laughter and pure fairytale bliss. Fairy Godmothers will be busy when you get all of these girls together! A Princess Jasmine costume combined with all of her friends can be an exciting night that no parent will want to miss. Picture perfect moments await. Unless you’re the ones having the fun that is! Adults playing in their favorite fairytale costumes could be a big riot at this years Halloween bash!

Take a journey into lands unknown with attractive and detailed Jasmine costumes. The magic carpet is waiting!

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