Get Cultural with an Egyptian Halloween Costume

Egyptian Halloween Costume

Egyptian Costume

Egyptian costumes have a historical look with a flirtatious appeal. The Egyptian women knew how to dress to get the attention they needed and deserved. So taking that bit of history into mind when creating Egyptian costumes was not only necessary, but fun!

Walk like an Egyptian! Or at least dress like one. Egyptian Halloween costumes are great for men and women, and make a very unique couples theme when paired together. Cleopatra, the most famous of the Egyptians, has so many looks in the costume world that it’s unreal. She can be lovely and elegant, with a long flowing gown and beautifully placed headpiece. Cleopatra costumes are also available in sexier styles, with short skirts, more revealing tops, and oh yeah, a headpiece, like anyone would notice that! Pharaohs lead way in Egyptian costume choices for men. Every man wants to rule something, and in costume they can take the lead role for at least a night.

Egyptian Costume

Egyptian Halloween Costumes

Cleo isn’t the only popular look in Egyptian costumes for women. Belly dancers and mummies also show a side of Egyptian history that may be overlooked at some Halloween get togethers. Flirty, fun, and exotic, these costumes will definitely turn every head in the room. Egyptian costumes for women are also available in many sizes to make sure every woman, big of small, athletic or curvy, can have some historical fun this Halloween.

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Costume

Egyptian Costume

Belly Dancer Egyptian Costume

Egyptian Costume

Egyptian Costume Accessories

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Egyptian Costume

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  1. Very sexy costume…

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