Avatar Costumes

Na'vi Neytiri Avatar Costume

Na'vi Neytiri Avatar Costume

Avatar costumes spark from the top selling movie of all time. James Camerons Avatar made millions in just a few days with it’s brilliance and action packed excitement. The film sparked a line of costumes that are selling faster than any other major films look ever! The amazing appearance of the blue duo, Neytiri and Jake Sully are quite the eye catcher and will definitely stand out above the crowd at this years Halloween bash.

The detail in Avatar costumes is extravagant and precise to show off all the beauty of the bold and blue creatures. The sci-fi characters have a look and design of their own although adding your own special touch with the available make-up can make you seem even more bold. With the blue and glittery Avatar costume make-up, you can add an extra bit of glow or shine and radiate with brilliance as soon as you walk into the room.

Sexy Avatar Costume

Sexy Neytiri Avatar Costume

Adults love the chance to dress up and not act their age and with Avatar costumes they have the perfect opportunity. Bringing the action packed thriller home is as easy as dressing the part of Neytiri or Jake Sully this Halloween. The Avatar costume experience is one that no one will want to miss out on. Putting on Neytiri’s sexy blue, skin tight costume with her long black hair with beaded accents, and the beautiful blue glow that will radiate from her face after it’s painted and rhinestoned, no one will be able to look away from this Na’vi beauty.

Pairing up with Jake is the perfect way to show off all the great looks of Avatar costumes along with making an incredible impression with one of the wildest couples costume themes of the year!

Avatar Costumes

Jake Sully and Neytiri Avatar Costumes

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