Sock Hop Costumes with 50s Flare

When you think 50s costumes, what comes to mind? Hmmm…..Sock hop! Everyone loves a good old fashioned sock hop and with 50s costumes it’s so easy to find the perfect look for the evening. Whether you’re taking on Halloween or just having a 50s themed party, a sock hop is a great way to bring back the days of poodle skirts and leather while having a blast.

Sock Hop Couple

50s Sock Hop Costume Couple

Kids and adults can enjoy the comfort and attraction of 50s sock hop costumes. The music, crowds, and dancing at a sock hop are all entertaining and the sock hop themed party makes for great memories. Poodle skirts and leisure suits galore will be prancing around the sock hop in your basement this Halloween, or maybe dad’s birthday party even! With all the styles worn in the 50s, the costume choices are endless.

Poodle skirts are a classic look of the 50s that’s tied into the world of sock hops. Long skirts with poodle appliques make up the costume collection of 50s sock hop costumes. To keep things shook up a little bit, 50s costumes are even designed with music notes and other decor on the bottom of the skirts so that every costume is a bit different than the next. For a more flirty appeal, some of the poodle skirt and sock hop costumes were designed with short skirts and tighter tops. Oops! Did the 50s just get super sexy? I think so!

Sexy Sock Hop Costume

Sexy 50s Sock Hop Costume

Leisure suits are a great look for men who plan to attend the sock hop in true 50s costume style. The bad boy look is also a great look for the 50s too. The tight white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, tucked into some tight pants and sometimes accompanied by a leather jacket, come together for a 50s costume that every bad boy will want. Every bad girl too!

Bring the flare in 50s costumes out this year. Sock hops are a great way to get the family or neighbors together and mingle in historic fashion. Have a blast in 50s sock hop costumes this Halloween!

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