Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Make a Splash

On Stranger Tides Poster

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The Franchise that Doesn’t Quit
Due to the epic music and the unforgetable costumes, Pirates of the Caribbean has become one of the most famous movie franchises around the world. The entire series, consisting of four movies, has made over $3 billion US dollars as of 2011. The most recent film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, has earned $1 billion wordwide, making it the eighth overall film in history to do so.

The Popular Captain Jack Costume
Since the first moment Captain Jack Sparrow wobbled his way onto screens in 2003, costumers have been attempting to portray the drunken amorous pirate, and all for gold, glory and women. It’s also no surprise that with this much success Pirates has its own licensed costumes for the franchise enthusiasts.

Captain Jack Sparrow Cosplay

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume at a Party

Pirates of the Caribbean costumes continue to be popular as both Halloween costumes and convention costumes. Go to any pirate party, and you’re sure to see at least two Jack Sparrows–excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrows. Every year at the Renaissance Festival, I play “Count the Jacks.” The more I drink, the more the game turns into “Hug the Jacks.”

Other Popular Pirates’ Character Costumes
Even when Disney doesn’t touch the franchise for a few years like they did between the third and fourth movies, Captain Jack Sparrow and his costumed friends remain popular. It was actually during these years that I saw the most Captain Barbossa costumes. From Elizabeth Swann to Jack’s new love interest, Angelica, the Disney licensed costumes come ready to impress.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume from Mr. Costumes

Adult Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

And for the really bold, there is the villainous Davy Jones costume completely with drooping, wiggling tentacles. Finding a Davy Jones is more like playing “Where’s Waldo?,” but like the game with striped shirt man, finding a Jones becomes just as rewarding.

Become One of the Mateys
If you want a great, popular costume that will be the life (and rum) of the party, try a Pirates of the Caribbean costume. Pirates are popular at Halloween as well as conventions, marathons and Renaissance Fairs. When is the last time you’ve seen a pirate and not smiled?

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