Sexy Cheerleader Costumes: a Super Bowl XLVI Essential!

Patriot cheerleaders

Sexy Cheerleader Costumes

We’re less than a week away from Super Bowl XLVI, where the Patriots and Giants will each be out for victory. Fans are fired up to watch the game and everyone else is excited just to hang out at the best house parties of the year. With all the entertainment and excitement surrounding this pseudo American holiday, it seems almost indulgent to add sexy cheerleaders displaying their best routines and costumes – but let’s indulge!

Whether you are a Giants or a Patriots fan, sexy cheerleader costumes get everyone in the Super Bowl spirit. Surprise friends at the party and show up as a cheerleader! Liven it up with an interchangeable costume, dressed as a football player in the first half, and change into a cheerleader during the second half. Play hard as a sexy football player, or blow the whistle as a sideline sweetheart referee. Any tempting football or sexy cheerleader costume will score big with your guests – an unspoken essential to a memorable party!

This year’s Super Bowl is extra exciting because both teams have more at stake than just a win, and big issues will ultimately be decided. Will Tom Brady dominate, or will Eli Manning continue on his high streak? Is Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin the better coach? Four years ago the Giants beat the Patriots at Super Bowl XLII – which team will win Super Bowl XLVI? What an exciting game this will be – those Super Bowl commercials can’t be over soon enough! The Patriot cheerleaders will beam big smiles on their faces as they cheer for their favorite men. While the Giants do not have their own squad, Giant fans will be sitting on the edge of their seats and cheering on their team with all their might – maybe a few fans will cheer in full cheerleader costume!

Cheerleader enthusiasm is high in 2012! The Patriots cheerleaders are ranked as having the best NFL cheerleading squad in 2012. With all their community involvement and team spirit, no wonder their men made it to the championship! Support your teams at home or in the stands (lucky!). Pleated short skirts, midriff shell tops and pom poms add flare and playfulness to the party, and fun to the game.

Are super bowl parties and cheerleading just for football fans? Of course not! With 3.5 million spent on each commercial, one fourth of viewers watch the game simply for the entertainment. This year, expect Kelly Clarkson to sing the National Anthem and Madonna and Cirque du Soleil to perform during halftime. Whether you are a true fan or just having fun at a party, put on your sexy cheerleading costumes and take part in all the excitement Super Bowl XLVI has to offer.

Sexy cheerleader costumes not enough? Audtitions to join the Patriots cheerleader squad begin March 3, 2012.

Patriot Cheerleaders

Dancing in Pink Cheerleader Costumes

Patriot Cheerleaders

Patriot Cheerleaders Fired Up

New York Giants Fans

Giants Cheerleaders are #1 Fans

One response to “Sexy Cheerleader Costumes: a Super Bowl XLVI Essential!

  1. Time to Get Fired Up guys! I already have my cheerleader costume, and decorations ready for the party!

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