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New Movie Brings Superman and Costume Debate Into Theaters

We’ve seen a lot of good and downright terrible Superman movies over the years. I admit, I’m a bit worried about the Superman: Man of Steel reboot, but every small piece of news that comes to light about the upcoming movie is boosting my confidence.

Zack Snyder of 300 fame (also of the critically questioned Suckerpunch and fan-loved-and-hated Watchmen) will be directing the movie, and I, for one, think this is right up his alley. Of course, I’m ready for the CG and boosted lighting and for Superman to fly really, really slow at some points. But hey, he’s faster than a speeding bullet, so maybe he won’t be going that slow, just the world around him.

Recently it’s been announced that Amy Adams will be playing against lead man Henry Cavill. For those fans of the comics, this is a return to the classic Clark and Lois dynamic. Lois is older than Clark (in Adams case, almost a decade older than Cavill), and she is more professional than him. She takes on a mature, boss-like mentality that Clark needs to flourish as well as being his flirty love interest.

Costumes have not yet officially been announced for the movie, but with the recent DC reboot and costume reveal, fans are wondering what the Man of Steel will look like.

Classic vs. New Design

Classic vs. New Design

See? No red undies. And yet I can’t decide if I like this look or not (even if I complain about superheroes wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants). It looks somehow… less Superman.

Now that is a classic Superman Costume. So while we know Lois is going to be perfect (I can’t wait to see Adams in that role), we’ll have to wait awhile to see what Superman will be wearing when he’s not farm boy reporter Clark Kent.

Besides, Superman costumes are adorable… on everyone.

Superman Toddler Costume

Superman Toddler Costume



A Plus Size Costume for Every Desire

Plus size costumes have all the desirable looks that you can imagine. Superheroes, princesses, witches, vikings, and sexy school girls! Everyone can enjoy Halloween this year in a costume that not only looks great but fits great as well. Comfort and style go hand in hand with plus size costumes.

Plus Size Princess Costume

Plus Size Princess Costume

Plus size costumes are available in couples themes so that the two of you can go out in matching style. Pairing as the famous Dog and Beth, Superman and Supergirl, or a plus size vampire duo, the costume choices are endless. If you aren’t sure about what look you are going for yet, start to browse and see all the many options you have available to you. There isn’t any one who will be left out of Halloween this year. Plus size costumes are ready to let any man or woman of any size take part in the costume fun.

Plus size sexy costumes are a top seller. Sexy school girls, maids, and blood sucking cuties are all part of the seductive plus size sexy costume family. Show off those curves in a flirty and fun filled costume that can be worn time and time again.

Plus Size Goddess Costume

Plus Size Sexy Greek Goddess Costume

You can take on all the roles of your favorite movie characters as well. With a new Alice In Wonderland line out, finding the perfect plus size Alice or Red Queen costume will be exciting. Taking on the look of your favorite horror film psychos such as Jason and Freddy bring the fear back into Halloween. Get creative!

Taking a stroll out and about this Halloween eve in creative and attractive plus size costumes will be comfortable while putting a smile on your face. You’ll be looking good in your new costume and not feel like it’s too tight and constricting. Made to fit almost any size, plus size costumes are sure to please every desire this Halloween.

Plus Size Knight Costume

Plus Size Knight Costume

Plus Size Gangster Girls

Plus Size Gangster Girls

Get Cultural with an Egyptian Halloween Costume

Egyptian Halloween Costume

Egyptian Costume

Egyptian costumes have a historical look with a flirtatious appeal. The Egyptian women knew how to dress to get the attention they needed and deserved. So taking that bit of history into mind when creating Egyptian costumes was not only necessary, but fun!

Walk like an Egyptian! Or at least dress like one. Egyptian Halloween costumes are great for men and women, and make a very unique couples theme when paired together. Cleopatra, the most famous of the Egyptians, has so many looks in the costume world that it’s unreal. She can be lovely and elegant, with a long flowing gown and beautifully placed headpiece. Cleopatra costumes are also available in sexier styles, with short skirts, more revealing tops, and oh yeah, a headpiece, like anyone would notice that! Pharaohs lead way in Egyptian costume choices for men. Every man wants to rule something, and in costume they can take the lead role for at least a night.

Egyptian Costume

Egyptian Halloween Costumes

Cleo isn’t the only popular look in Egyptian costumes for women. Belly dancers and mummies also show a side of Egyptian history that may be overlooked at some Halloween get togethers. Flirty, fun, and exotic, these costumes will definitely turn every head in the room. Egyptian costumes for women are also available in many sizes to make sure every woman, big of small, athletic or curvy, can have some historical fun this Halloween.

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Costume

Egyptian Costume

Belly Dancer Egyptian Costume

Egyptian Costume

Egyptian Costume Accessories

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Egyptian Costume

Princess Jasmine Costumes – Take a Magic Carpet Ride

Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine Costume

In Princess Jasmine costumes everyone can enjoy a magic carpet ride!

Princess Jasmine has a beloved tale that every little girl adores. Being a girl of almost 16 and being forced by her father to choose a prince to marry, she decides to use her own mind and seek out her own adventure. Jasmine, daughter of the wealthy Sultan who has never left the palace, decides to run away from the snobby men she must choose to marry and seek a life of her own. Jasmine gets herself in trouble with a marketer and before she knows it Aladdin is there to rescue her. The story unfolds from there with many twists, turns, and adventure. Not to mention the pure and true love that blossoms between the two.

Girls Jasmine Costume

Girls Jasmine Costume

Jasmine costumes are great for women and children who love the tale of genies, magic, and romance. Jasmines costume consists of a wonderful two piece of blue or purple along with her headpiece showing her royal status. Whether trick or treating this year or just playing dress up and expanding imaginations, Jasmine costumes are attractive and unique.

Women love dressing as the famous Princess and maybe adding a sexy spin to it. Shouldn’t be too hard with an attractive two piece suit with mesh fabric flowing freely. Magic can happen ladies! Everyone can have a bit more fun when Aladdins lady comes out to play. All the magic isn’t in the lamp you know!

Funny Disney Princess Costumes

Adult Disney Princess Costumes

Jasmine is just one of the famous Disney Princess costumes available to girls and women. All the other princess can be combined with Jasmine for a fun filled night with laughter and pure fairytale bliss. Fairy Godmothers will be busy when you get all of these girls together! A Princess Jasmine costume combined with all of her friends can be an exciting night that no parent will want to miss. Picture perfect moments await. Unless you’re the ones having the fun that is! Adults playing in their favorite fairytale costumes could be a big riot at this years Halloween bash!

Take a journey into lands unknown with attractive and detailed Jasmine costumes. The magic carpet is waiting!

Spicing Up the Night With Naughty Halloween Costumes

Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes

Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes

Sexy costumes entice men and women into the party scene year after year. So many different designs of costumes to fit every body type make sexy Halloween costumes a highly sought after item. Whether you’re a college gal out to tease the guys in the local frat house or a homebody looking to spice up the night with your man, sexy costumes are definitely the way to get noticed.

Classic sexy costumes such as the naughty school girl costume, dirty cop, or flirtatious french maid are always a good choice when it comes to costume selection. Then you have the video game lovers, Star Wars junkies, and horror movie addicts that love the idea of a woman playing any of their favorite roles. Just imagine the sexy Princess Peach from the Mario Brothers making her way into the party to stir up some trouble or Princess Leia in her sexy slave costume making her big appearance. Even Miss Krueger or Miss Voorhees is up for some serial killing action this year.

Sexy Leia Costume

Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume

Mario Brothers Sexy Costumes

Sexy Mario Brothers Costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes are great to use for year round excitement and fun at home as well as parties. Keeping the husband happy isn’t always an easy task, but totally alert, now ladies that’s a different story. That sultry shepherdess or that sea bound sailor girl making her way into the room will definitely have your man at full stance! All hands on deck! Whether you’re a tiny little thing or a girl with a few more curves, you need to feel wanted and desired and sexy Halloween costumes without doubt, do the trick. Plus size sexy costumes have all the excitement and flare as the smaller ones do with more of you to love inside. You just can’t go wrong with sexy costumes this Halloween.

Sexy Costumes

Hooters Girls in Sexy Costumes

Explore the exciting and titillating world of sexy costumes this year and see what kind of trouble you can get yourself into or out of!

The A-Team makes a comeback

The latest summer blockbuster to follow the popular trend of remaking 80s movies or franchises is the A-Team. Such as Transformers and GI Joe is past summers, A-Team brings back classic characters to the modern era. It is also throwback to classic 80s action movies, bringing back cheesy one-liners, over-the-top explosions and huge stunts. It stars Liam Neeson, a big star since the 80s, Bradley Cooper, famous from his starring role in the Hangover, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, a champion UFC fighter and the beautiful Jessica Biel. This action movie remake of an original 80s series is sure to inspire many group Halloween costumes this year. I can see groups of adolescent guys imitating the characters from the new release, but what I’m waiting for is all the fans from the original series getting suited up. Mr. T’s performance as B.A. Baracus in the original 80s series can’t be matched or forgotten, and is prime for a big return to  Halloween. I’ll be sure to check Flickr after Halloween to find the best and funniest A-Team costumes for sure!

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Sailor Halloween Costumes – Sea Bound fun Ashore!

Sailor costumes are a great way to bring the love of a life at sea with no restrictions or limits ashore! The fun of a sailor girl costume is more than most could imagine.

Everyone can enjoy the looks of a sailor girl costume. From small to plus size, there is a size and costume design that will suit the needs of every woman. Flirtatious and inviting, these sexy sailor costumes are a great way to get noticed and stand out this year. Whether you're thinking of the traditional white sailor costume look or leaning towards the flirty blue and red designs, every look has a way of enticing the right crowds.

Short and sassy or long and conservative, your sailor costume can fit any occasion. Pants and a top with sleeves and a hat are perfect for those parties where the kids will be attending or trick or treating with the family. For an all adult experience most men agree, the shorter the better! Short skirts and low cut tops and petticoats to fluff out your bottom just a bit make for a great look on Halloween. The sassy sailor look is a great way to get noticed and make picturesque memories!

Teens and kids can play in Sailor costumes too. Little girls love to dress up and wearing something so adorable and clean cut is always something they look forward to. Setting sail on a make believe voyage with her friends will keep your little one entertained for hours.

Men of course want the adventurous life of a seaman. Sailor costumes for men are great especially when used for pairing with a sexy sailor girl costume. Even adding the kids in can make for a fun filled Halloween experience as the sea bound family takes way in their sailor costumes.

Have fun ashore with sea filled dreams! Sailor costumes for the entire family will keep your imagination as wild as ocean waves.

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