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80s Costume Ideas For Halloween 2010

If you are thinking about cool 80s outfits for Halloween there are tons of cool choices to pick from.  I have selected  below some of my favorite costume picks from a fantastic era with so many great fashion statements and characters. Check out some of these costume ideas that are perfect for this years Halloween party, and they can make you feel 16 again!

In the 80s costume ideas you can think of Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Olivia Newton John…so whether you are a Material Girl, A Girl who wants to have fun or are more the type who says “Let’s Get Physical”, you can find those fun 80s costume ideas from these icons of 80’s fashion and music. Have people remember the song, “Who’s That Girl” Madonna sang when you walk by in your Madonna costume…whether you have chosen the black Material Girl look or the white Borderline look.

Madonna is one of the biggest icons of the 80s. She was very popular during those times and a lot of people admired her fashion and style. If you want to look like her, you need to look at the details of how she dressed up. The hair must be brushed up to make it look thicker. You also need to make use of make up for your eyes. The dress must also match the one that she wears all the time for the people in the party to notice your outfit inspiration.

We’re all familiar with the famous movies of the 80s such as E.T., Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Return of the Jedi and several many more. If you are thinking of dressing up similar to a specific character of a popular 80s movie, then you would not face much of a trouble in finding with the appropriate idea for your costume for Halloween party.

There are several ways to go about researching 80s fashions if you’re interested in doing so. Using the internet is one of the easiest and fastest ways of doing this research. You can simply turn on your TV as well for a great way to learn about 80s fashion trends. Still to this day there are tons of shows that were on the air during the 80s. These shows are set in the period you’re trying to emulate, so they’re a great way to learn about what was hot and what was not back in the 80s.

The 80s produced so many great characters from Film and Pop culture that still thrive today. The fashion and the hair, to the cars and women! The 80’s were one heck of a decade.

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10 Fun Couples Costumes For Halloween

There are tons of cool and popular couples costumes for Halloween 2010 you can choose from. There are a lot of classics you’ll still find popular, as well the latest and greatest from the movies and pop culture.

1) Twilight Couples Costume are a very popular couples costume choice to dress up as this year. Teen couples are going to love the Edward and Bella look. Even if you don’t find a licensed outfit, you can put together a vampire outfit easily enough and use wigs and makeup to look like these characters.

2) The Simpson’s Costumes most bought are the Homer and Marge Simpson Halloween costumes are still popular for 2010. The TV show is still crazy popular and always a hit.

3) Toy Story 3 Halloween Couples Idea: Woody and Jessie from Toy Story is another famous couple that is popular for Halloween 2010.

4) The Watchmen costumes are for fans of comic or movie, and you can go as Silk Spectre and Nite Owl.

5) Classic Halloween Couples Costumes include Cinderella and Prince Charming, there is Batman and Batgirl are always popular as well. Romeo and Juliet are romantic to portray and Antony and Cleopatra are still popular for couples’ costumes as well.

6) Avatar Costumes are a 2010 hit for Couples. Couples have the option of Jake Sully and Neytiri. You can also get the sexy version for some more adult fun.

7) Make this year the Pirate costume your party choice. Pirates are always popular and still are for 2010 thanks to Pirates Of The Carribean.

8) Star Wars Couples coostumes such as the Princess Leia and Hans Solo are always popular choices couples love to duo up in.

9) Alice In Wonderland Couples Costume Ideas: A lot of Halloween costumes have come out of the movie Alice in Wonderland and couples may want to go as Alice and the Mad Hatter.

10) If you’re attending a party with kids, check out the Shrek and Fiona which are also great couples costume choices for this year.

Dressing up as your favorite couple is a lot of fun and you can really use your imagination with some of these ideas. Some of the costumes for this year’s couples come with accessories, wigs, and masks. Of course, you can add your own if you prefer. Have a fun Halloween and make it one to remember!

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Wonder-ful Sexy Alice In Wonderland Costumes

Sexy Alice In Wonderland Costume

Sexy Alice In Wonderland Costume

Exploring the party in sexy Alice In Wonderland Costumes might lead you into more trouble than you can handle, or just enough to make the night interesting. The sexy Alice In Wonderland costume collection has a seductive nature that can lead to a magical evening if you play your cards right.

Alice In Wonderland costumes are a top seller this year and the sexier version of this sweet and innocent beauty sell faster than any other! From sexy Alice In Wonderland costumes to the sexy Queen of Hearts costume and even sexy Cheshire the Cat and Mad Hatter costumes, Wonderland is turning the heat up. Flirty innocent blondes, sexy evil queens, and crazed yet lusty hatters will have the party in a complete uproar this Halloween. Everyone will want to be a part of the Wonderland escapade!

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Sexy and evil, the Queen of Hearts won’t be yelling “Off with his head!” if her mate obeys her every order. In any of the sexy Queen of Hearts costumes he won’t put up a bit of a fight to any command. He’ll be mesmerized by the seductive royalty from Wonderland standing before him. Her red and black attire, revealing dress, and powerful appeal will have any man on his knees begging this sexy Queen for mercy!

Putting on your sexy Alice In Wonderland costume will open all kinds of doors that were closed before that magical night. Exploration and danger call out to sweet Alice. Taking on a new adventure is just what this sexy costume calls for! Short blue dress, apron, tights, and even a light up skirt will bring in a few spectators and followers along your magical journey. Oh Alice!

Sexy Alice In Wonderland Costume

Sexy Alice In Wonderland Costume

Have a happy Halloween and a Wonder-full evening in your sexy Alice In Wonderland costumes!

Sexy QUeen of Hearts Costume

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Sexy Mad Hatter Costume

Sexy Mad Hatter Costume

Sock Hop Costumes with 50s Flare

When you think 50s costumes, what comes to mind? Hmmm…..Sock hop! Everyone loves a good old fashioned sock hop and with 50s costumes it’s so easy to find the perfect look for the evening. Whether you’re taking on Halloween or just having a 50s themed party, a sock hop is a great way to bring back the days of poodle skirts and leather while having a blast.

Sock Hop Couple

50s Sock Hop Costume Couple

Kids and adults can enjoy the comfort and attraction of 50s sock hop costumes. The music, crowds, and dancing at a sock hop are all entertaining and the sock hop themed party makes for great memories. Poodle skirts and leisure suits galore will be prancing around the sock hop in your basement this Halloween, or maybe dad’s birthday party even! With all the styles worn in the 50s, the costume choices are endless.

Poodle skirts are a classic look of the 50s that’s tied into the world of sock hops. Long skirts with poodle appliques make up the costume collection of 50s sock hop costumes. To keep things shook up a little bit, 50s costumes are even designed with music notes and other decor on the bottom of the skirts so that every costume is a bit different than the next. For a more flirty appeal, some of the poodle skirt and sock hop costumes were designed with short skirts and tighter tops. Oops! Did the 50s just get super sexy? I think so!

Sexy Sock Hop Costume

Sexy 50s Sock Hop Costume

Leisure suits are a great look for men who plan to attend the sock hop in true 50s costume style. The bad boy look is also a great look for the 50s too. The tight white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, tucked into some tight pants and sometimes accompanied by a leather jacket, come together for a 50s costume that every bad boy will want. Every bad girl too!

Bring the flare in 50s costumes out this year. Sock hops are a great way to get the family or neighbors together and mingle in historic fashion. Have a blast in 50s sock hop costumes this Halloween!

Clown Halloween Costumes Take the Show

Clown Costume

Adult Clown Costume

Clown costumes are one of the classic choices for Halloween but with many twists. Bright and happy usually define clown costumes but that doesn’t work for everyone. Scary clowns, sexy clowns, and even hobo clown costumes can add a special touch to the characters that we all love.

Funny clown costumes steal the show every time. Just the presence of a clown at this years Halloween party will make the night unforgettable. The attire of the jovial jokers catch the eye of everyone and usually bring out a laugh or two. The bright red foam nose and bright colored hair alone are worth a bucket of laughter. Add the floppy shoes, horns, and polka dotted pants and no one can resist a chuckle.

Scary Clown Costume

Scary Clown Costume Mask

Scary clown costumes are a great way to steal the party goers attention with a scream! Evil clowns are a common fear among many and bringing that terror out is a great way to get noticed. Halloween is all about scaring anyhow! Scary clown costumes for adults are a great way to let your inner child out and have a blast. Dark face paint with blood trickling down your face, torn clothes, or even a terrifying mask will help pull off your look this year. Kids like to scare too and dressing them in scary clown costumes is easy and fun. Letting your little one paint his or her face to look evil and slipping on that bright colored wig will bring such mixed signals that everyone will wonder if the smiles are truly evil or not.

You can even put a sexy spin on clown costumes this year. Flirty clown costumes have shorter skirts, lower cut tops, and the same brilliant appearance as the classic clown. Using your props to accent your already stunning features in a sexy clown costume will definitely have all eyes on you!

Kids Clown Costume

Kids Clown Costumes

Every one in the family has the ability to steal all the attention and take the cake this year at the Halloween bash. Dressing in clown costumes is a timeless tradition that can be spruced up in any way imaginable!

Avatar Costumes

Na'vi Neytiri Avatar Costume

Na'vi Neytiri Avatar Costume

Avatar costumes spark from the top selling movie of all time. James Camerons Avatar made millions in just a few days with it’s brilliance and action packed excitement. The film sparked a line of costumes that are selling faster than any other major films look ever! The amazing appearance of the blue duo, Neytiri and Jake Sully are quite the eye catcher and will definitely stand out above the crowd at this years Halloween bash.

The detail in Avatar costumes is extravagant and precise to show off all the beauty of the bold and blue creatures. The sci-fi characters have a look and design of their own although adding your own special touch with the available make-up can make you seem even more bold. With the blue and glittery Avatar costume make-up, you can add an extra bit of glow or shine and radiate with brilliance as soon as you walk into the room.

Sexy Avatar Costume

Sexy Neytiri Avatar Costume

Adults love the chance to dress up and not act their age and with Avatar costumes they have the perfect opportunity. Bringing the action packed thriller home is as easy as dressing the part of Neytiri or Jake Sully this Halloween. The Avatar costume experience is one that no one will want to miss out on. Putting on Neytiri’s sexy blue, skin tight costume with her long black hair with beaded accents, and the beautiful blue glow that will radiate from her face after it’s painted and rhinestoned, no one will be able to look away from this Na’vi beauty.

Pairing up with Jake is the perfect way to show off all the great looks of Avatar costumes along with making an incredible impression with one of the wildest couples costume themes of the year!

Avatar Costumes

Jake Sully and Neytiri Avatar Costumes

Gothic Vampire Costumes Take You Into the Dark Side

Gothic Vampire Costumes

Gothic Vampire Costume Couple

Vampire costumes have many looks and styles that take them from terrifying and Gothic to Victorian and sexy. Vampires lure in their prey in many ways but the hardest working vamp has to be the Gothic vampire. I mean think about it, the sexy vampire can easily seduce her way into a snack. The young vampires all look so innocent that no one would fear them. The Gothic vampires just appear to be creepier than anything and will have no chance of food just walking up to them saying “here you go, take a bite!”

Gothic vampire costumes have a dark look from back in the 17 and 1800’s. The attire alone is fearful, but then to look up and see the fangs of a pale beast ready to take a bite will terrify anyone. Men and women love to play the roles of the blood thirsty creatures and with Gothic vampire costumes it’s easy to fulfill all the fantasies of the walking dead.

Gothic Vampiress Costume

Gothic Vampiress Costume

Kids enjoy the fun of vampires too and with Gothic vampire costume for kids they can take that imagination into lands that are to this point unknown. Opening up new doors for your childrens minds to run crazy into is a great way to expand the way they think and play. Halloween isn’t the only time kids will wear their Gothic vampire costumes. All year play as a blood sucking beast preying on their little brother, best friend, or family pet will keep your little one tied up in play time for hours.

Gothic vampire costumes are a great look for the spooking season. Deadly and dangerous, dark and dreary, Gothic vampire costumes are a sure way to get the fear factor into the night.

Gothic Vampire Costume

Girls Gothic Vampire Costume