Go Gangster This Halloween

Halloween is only a few months away, why not start thinking about just how you are re going to one up your friend. Or at least not embarrass yourself this time around. We have all had those costumes that fell flat, and who wants to hear "You remember the time you showed up as …." for months. Go gangster, real gangster. Not the loud flashy bling wearing street cred gangsta's of today. Halloween is not about dressing up like people on the street. It is about being different, breaking out of the molds for at least one night. A gangster costume is just the way to do it

The 1920s where the party era. Speakeasys flourished despite the prohibition. Gambling, swing dancing, and big band jazz this is when America learned to party. Prohibition drove it all, the bootleggers became powerful men, with money pouring into their hands as illicit liquors flowed like water out of the speakeasys. The fedora, zoot suit and mirror shined shoes became their badge. Big and loud, but still classy. Just the thing to stand out this Halloween.

Anyone can dress up gangsta, it street fashion these days. A gangster costume, now that is gonna take a little bit of effort, but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. Black shiny dress shoes are the easiest part. Check your local thrift store, if you luck out there just find the most inexpensive pair that you can stand to wear. They just need to be black, and shiny. Very shiny. It is certainly possible to find a fedora, but you'll have to go further afield then the nearest big box retailer. Though Amazon and ebay each have a wide variety of styles and color available should you not find your luck panning out. From the simple black to loud reds and yellows. Suit your own taste, though a loud fedora is pest paired with an equally loud zoot suit. If you or someone you know is a fair hand with a sewing machine, the sky is the limit for how outrageous you make the zoot suit for your gangster costume. It is just a matter of getting your fabric be it loud outrageous or classy, and following the patterns that are commercially available. If your clueless with a needle, not to worry, you can find it on the internet. Just hit your favorite search engine or shopping site.

Now a soot suit is not just a suit. The pants are loosely cut, as is the jacket. Fabric was more expensive then, the excess fabric was as statement of wealth and power. The fact that it also looks good is simply a nice perk. Even the more formal black or simple pinstripe zoot suits are not about business. They are a devil may care attitude, living wild and thumb your nose at authority the whole time. With gangster costumes you are not at the party. Make it your own, live the 1920's for a night and you WILL be the party.

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